Review: Heat Holders Zip Fleece

It's easy to forget, living in brand-name Bozeman, that you don't have to spend a month's rent to get a decent outdoor garment. Take the Heat Holders Original Zip Jacket, for example. For a mere $45, you can deck yourself out in a warm, well-fitting fleece, which works great as a midlayer for active outings or as an outer layer on warmer winter days around town. Large front pockets warm the hands, while a double zipper offers increased mobility. The Zip is also suitable for cold mornings and evenings around the house, as the plush fleece is soft, so soft. Did I mention this thing only costs 45 bucks?

One caveat: if you're tall and skinny, this may not be the best fit for you. I'm short and muscular so large coats generally come down well past my waist. The Zip, however, sits just right.

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