Review: Gordini Cold-Weather Socks

I get lazy with my socks. I wear ski socks to work, hiking socks on runs, and hunting socks around the house. More often, though, I mix and match. The dryer eats a couple, a friend’s dog chews another, and I wear holes in a few, until I have an eclectic mix of wool socks in my drawer. And, honestly, I can barely even tell the difference when I slip on a mismatched, cross-branded pair. Until I put on a Gordini, that is. Huh, I thought, this feels awfully comfy. I spent a few minutes digging around my laundry basket in search of the other. No such luck, but fortunately I started off with two pairs—a thicker ski sock (the Sterling), and a thinner winter lifestyle sock (the Eden). I settled for one of each, threw on my trail runners, and went for a short run around my neighborhood, as is my morning ritual. I immediately noticed how well ventilated the socks are. Rather than a solid, homogenous weave like other brands, the Gordinis are thicker on the bottom and thinner on top, providing airflow in precisely the right spots.

After my walk, I switched to a pair of rain boots—it was a sloppy spring day—and hit the hills in search of turkeys. Such a pairing, wool socks and rubber clogs, usually results in a smelly mess, but I was shocked to discover that after a full morning stomping in the woods, my feet were remarkably dry and still smelled… decent. I hope I can find the matches, because these socks are destined for some good, hard use.

$17 to $33;