Review: DeLaine & Co. Ski Sweater

Style matters. In life, and in skiing. And everyone knows that classics never go out of style.

Take the Delaine & Co. Merino Ski Sweater. The clean lines and simple design will take you back a few decades, when skiing was a mite more leisurely and laid-back. Throw in the sporty fit and soft, warm merino wool, and you're ready to rip—this sweater's as functional as it is retro.

It's also versatile. Wear it as a mid-layer in mid-winter, shucking your shell and turning heads at apres in the lodge. On clear, sunny days, sport a warm base layer (or two) underneath and spice up the slopes with your vintage outerwear. And then in the springtime, all you need is a tee shirt underneath for those long, warm days riding the lifts and soaking up the sun.

The Delaine Merino Ski Sweater is available in crew, quarter-zip, and full-zip formats. I tried the latter, which seems to work best as a warm-weather outer layer. $270-$315, depending on style;