Review: Artilect Hoodie

Spring is a season full of surprises. The day might start out warm and sunny, and then boom: you're mid-run, the temperature drops 20 degrees, and snow is now covering the ground—and your body. But regardless of unpredictable weather, the Artilect Elevate Primaloft Hoodie holds its own. 

The Elevate Hoodie is form-fitting but also stretchy, so it doesn't compromise flexibility. It's thin enough to comfortably fit under my ski bibs, but also water-resistant, making it an ideal layer for spring skiing or a road run on a cooler spring day. The hoodie is coated with a long-lasting water-resistant finish, so there'll be no need to re-waterproof it or worry about water seeping in during a heavy snowfall.

On the more technical side of things, Artilect products are PFAS-free, so no industrial chemicals are mixed into gear production. Artilect utilizes merino wool created from Nuyarn technology, meaning it lasts longer, is more durable and flexible (35% more stretch to be exact!), and drys 5x faster than average merino wool. Talk about innovation, eh?

This jacket packs down small, and keeps me just as warm as any of my thicker puffy jackets. The elasticated cuffs keep snow and rain from seeping down my sleeves when out in the elements, and they even stay in place at post-ski tailgates so they don't get in the way of indulging in any food or condiments.

It's safe to say that all of my other jackets are now pouting in the back of my closet. Available online; $300.