The Carhartt Thong

Bozeman's latest fashion craze.

How to find clothing rugged enough to endure the rigors of a hard day’s work or play, yet still look stylish and sexy—this is the ongoing dilemma of the modern-day Montana woman. Until now, that is. Perfect for everything from hiking to horseback riding, the all-new Carhartt Thong is sure to change the face of Bozeman fashion forever.

“The Carhartt Thong is the perfect marriage of form and function.” —Outdoor Style magazine.

carhartt thong, fashion
With its low-profile cut, the Carhartt Thong gives "riding bareback" a whole new meaning.

carhartt thong, fashion
Front pocket and hammer loop keep tools handy.
carhartt thong, fashion
The versatile "Little C.T." is great for climbing.

carhartt thong, fashion
Fully integrated, Kevlar-reinforced climbing harness.
     - Extra 10kN gear loop
     - 15 kN belay/tie-in loops
     - Built-in front chalk pouch

carhartt thong, fashion
Earth tones compliment camo for optimal stealth in field and forest.

carhartt thong, fashion 
Abrasion-resistant canvas protects sensitive areas during wipeouts.

carhartt thong, fashion
Optional bikini top includes padded shoulder for all-day shooting comfort. 

Designer: KM Designs / Outside Bozeman
Model: Kindra Messmer
Photography: Simon Peterson