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what your camper says about you

What your rig says about you.

Gone are the days when campers were only seen at KOAs or Walmart parking lots. Everywhere you go, there seems to be another form of shelter on wheels, each bigger and with more bells & whistles than the last. But different styles of camper attract different sorts of folk, and we’ve begun to notice a pattern among the camper connoisseurs. Have a look.

VW Bus
Middle-aged Democrat
Nostalgic of yore, but optimistic of what’s to come
Amazed at how much stronger weed is these days

Homemade Slide-In
Excellent carpentry skills
Strong sense of individuality
Copious amounts of free time

Mercedes Sprinter
Exhibits strong herd instinct
Has trust fund
Eats high-end freeze-dried meals

Impeccable sense of style
Also has trust fund
Rarely leaves campsite; all trip photos must include trailer

Tried-and-true outdoorsman, but getting a little soft
Has a respectable paycheck but isn’t ostentatious
Always stops to help a stranger fix a flat

Off-Road Pop-Up
Wakes up at 5:30am to make espresso
Every day is a multisport day
Most conversations relate back to gear

Mid-Sized Motorhome
Nostalgic about everything
Self-conscious about getting soft with age
Morbidly afraid of mold spores

Large Tow-Behind
Middle-aged Republican
Sick of listening to the kids whine
Has resolute aversion to discomfort of any kind

Extra-Large RV
Runs cyclists off road for entertainment
Buys new pants instead of losing weight
Considers discomfort a plague of the lower classes

1-800-RV 4 Rent
Happy-go-lucky parent of seven rambunctious children
On a dream road trip to Montana
Not sure if this thing takes gas or diesel