Refill the Tank

Cooking a better burger.

Few things are more satisfying after a long, cold day in the mountains than a juicy hamburger. Whether you’re using local Montana beef or meat you bagged yourself, it’s the perfect way to replenish and indulge this time of year. Next time you get a hankering, try this recipe—it’s sure to hit the spot.

8 oz beef patty (or your favorite game-meat burger)
2 pieces of apple-smoked bacon
1 fried egg
1 slice of cheddar cheese
2-3 oz citrus slaw
1 oz Thousand Island dressing
Corn-dusted Kaiser bun 

In a high-sided pan, cook bacon on medium, flipping occasionally until done. Set aside. Season patty with salt and pepper, then grill on high, flipping only once to retain moisture. Add cheese and cooked bacon to patty two minutes after flipping; cook patty to 145 degrees for medium.

While cheese is melting and patty is close to temperature, start frying egg in a nonstick pan to over-easy. At the same time, lightly toast Kaiser bun. Once toasted, plate bun and patty with melted cheese and hot bacon. Top patty with over-easy egg, adding citrus slaw and Thousand Island, capping the whole pile off with bun top.

Dig in.

Chris Unger manages the Bacchus Pub in Bozeman.