Snowschool for You

Winter outdoor programs for kids.

When it comes to kid-friendly fun, summer gets all the credit. But Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) is changing that. The local organization has partnered with the Winter Wildlands Alliance to become a SnowSchool site, helping MOSS create memorable winter adventures that combine hands-on science education with outdoor exploration, a priority of their mission. The SnowSchool curriculum aligns with state-specific education standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), complimenting what students already learn at school. How can you and your kids get involved? The MOSS umbrella currently maintains three core program areas, including in-school programming available to all age levels, community programming, and summer camps that draw on SnowSchool curriculum such as snowpack discussions. Beginning in 2016, MOSS will also be offering “Winter Walks” for families. Registration for SnowSchool programs begins as early as December 15, so visit or call 582-0546 for more details and to learn how your child can get involved.