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Top sledding spots around Bozeman.

Whether on a toboggan, saucer, kicksled, or trashcan lid, sledding is a beloved winter pastime in Bozeman. Here are our favorite places to plop down and slide. 

Peets Hill
The best-known sledding spot in the Bozone, this is also the place where you’re most likely to break your back. It’s called “Hospital Hill” for a reason. Wait until the hill is totally covered in snow—no protruding grass or rocks—then make the climb to the top and hurtle yourself down. There’s a berm at the bottom meant to stop wayward sledders, but with enough speed, it serves as a ramp.

The Lindley Center / Lindley Park
The hill by the Lindley Center gets lots of snow and has several runs. It’s mellower than Peets Hill—perfect for little kids. The hills in Lindley Park are great beginner runs as well. There are lots of gentle hills, and a few steep, short slopes to sharpen a tyke’s sledding skills.

Snowfill Recreation Area
If you like good views with your slide, this is the place. Enjoy sledding, an off-leash dog area, and Nordic skiing all in one place, with spectacular views of the Bridgers. The long runout at the end makes for safer sledding, although the steeper slope to the right does have a ditch at the bottom. Located north of the Bridger Creek Golf Course.

Dinosaur Park
The huge dirt mound by the ponds makes for a fast sledding run. Make sure to watch out for these ponds, as the ice isn’t very thick. Bonus: the steep climb to the top counts as your cardio for the day. Stick around and walk your canine pals around the park.

Langohr Campground (Hyalite)
Get out of town and into the woods. There are plenty of sledding spots in Hyalite Canyon, but the hill across from Langohr Campground is bound to please. Bonus: fellow sledders build jumps at the bottom of the slope in an attempt to launch themselves across the road.

Water Works Hill (Livingston)
If the omnipresent Livingston wind hasn’t blown the snow away, you can join the locals in pushing the white fluff off the slope. Park on S. 9th St. and River Dr. Also, in true L-Town redneck style, you’ll occasionally spot sledders dropping off the road between Hwy. 90 and the Exit 333 eastbound ramp.

Snowbank Campground (Mill Creek)
This hill is worth the drive—the sledding across from the Snowbank Campground is a rip-roaring treat. The hill is fast and sometimes bumpy, but plenty of runouts mean you’ll stop before flying into the parking lot. You can usually find a campfire ring for s’mores, and plenty of trails for a multisport adventure. Stop at Chico afterwards to soak your bruises in the hot springs. Drive up Mill Creek Road, off Hwy. 89 until you hit a gate. Turn left into the parking area.

Local Schools
Monforton School, Amsterdam School, and Manhattan Christian all have fun, kid-appropriate sledding hills. Adults can take part too—you don’t have to be a kid to sled like one.

Choose Your Own Adventure
This is pretty simple. Find a spot in the forest with enough space between the trees, pack out a trail, and let ‘er rip.

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