Cooking with Kids

On your next winter camping trip.

Children can add an extra element of consideration and work when camping. But using the experience to teach them to be self-sufficient will pay off big time. There are several ways children can pull their own weight on a camping trip this winter, and one is cooking. 

Advance food preparation is a big help when planning meals for a camping trip, and your child's role doesn't have to end there. Of course not all ages can be working over a grill or campfire, but they can certainly prepare and serve meals, making your camping trip a little more enjoyable.

Good eatin' leads to good sleepin'.

So, grab these ingredients, a bunch of aluminum foil, and get your children cooking.

Muffins in Orange Peels
These are super simple, the kids can even make them at home before you go.
How to: Prepare your favorite muffin mix. Cut the orange in half and scoop out the insides of your orange and then put the muffin inside one half of the empty orange. Put the other half on top and wrap the whole thing in three layers of foil. This is the fun part: toss onto the fire and cook for about 10 minutes, turning them a few times.
Tip: Save the orange insides for orange cranberry muffins or strain for fresh orange juice. 

If you have picky eaters, these can be tailored to their exact specifications.
How to: Place the tortilla on a sheet of aluminum foil and add your ingredients. Some kids will just want cheese, but adding salsa, cooked chicken, and beans would be very tasty. When it’s loaded to perfection, fold the tortilla in half and the foil as well, leaving the ends open. Cook just long enough to make the tortilla crispy and the cheese melty.
Tip: Use the foil as your plate and make clean up really easy. 

Grilled cheese will warm even the coldest bodies.

Pineapple Upside down Cake
A yummy dessert or afternoon snack. 
How to: Spray your tin foil and add a handful of pineapple chunks and top with cubed pound cake. Then add a dollop of butter and brown sugar. Fold up the packet and cook for 15 minutes, opening the packet for the last few minutes to brown it. When it’s cooked, add a little ice cream or whipped cream and cinnamon on top and enjoy!
Tip: Put these on when you’re just finishing up dinner to have them ready for dessert.

Breakfast scramble
Kids are notoriously early risers, so let them make breakfast while you enjoy your coffee.
How to: Spray the foil and put sausage on the bottom. Then start adding your toppings. Frozen hash browns or diced potatoes and vegetables, followed by an egg or two. Season as you do at home. Wrap up the packet, with a double layer to be safe, and cook for 15-20 minutes. Eat directly from the packet.
Tip: Open the packet the last few minutes and add some cheese and cook with the foil open to melt it. 

There are many ways you can make cooking enjoyable while camping with your family. Giving your children a little responsibility will only make the experience more memorable. 

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