Why O/B

Maybe it started with a hike up Sypes Canyon at dusk, when the clouds seemed to converge over the Tobacco Roots, as if to float just a little longer in the sun's receding radiance. 

Maybe you glimpsed a dusting of snow on the Spanish Peaks, that first autumn layer of white that drapes over the mountains like a veil of fine linen. 

Maybe it was your first day on the Gallatin, when a feisty rainbow inhaled your fly and sent a surge of excitement through your body as he tore upstream in powerful piscine defiance. 

Or maybe it's always been there, somewhere inside you, way down where feeling obscures consciousness, and instinct overrides temptation. Somewhere deep and primal.

Whatever the origin, it's there: an appreciation of, and passion for, the outdoor world of southwest Montana. You get anxious when you've been inside too long; you want to drop everything and hike up Mount Baldy, wade the Madison, climb a tough route in Hyalite, or tear up the powder at Bridger Bowl. You need to leave work, school, and chores behind: you need to get outside

And so we bring you Outside Bozeman, a seasonal publication that explores and celebrates this outdoor playground we're lucky enough to call home. Enjoy, and we'll see you out there. 

-The crew at Outside Bozeman

Outside Bozeman is the flagship publication of Outside Media Group, an independent publishing company staffed by local outdoor enthusiasts. Some of us are MSU graduates, some are native Montanans, and we all love Bozeman. We also publish the MSU Pocket Guide, the Cast fishing guide, and the Stalk hunting guide.