Sales Position

Do you live in Bozeman to spend all your time working, or are you looking for a career that accommodates "sick days" spent on the top of Mount Baldy or fishing the Mother’s Day caddis hatch on the Madison? Not into the nine-to-five grind and need some flexibility in your work schedule? Want to surround yourself with people who work hard but still have their priorities straight? (Meaning, when the work's done, get your ass outside and enjoy life.) Outside Media Group, publisher of Outside Bozeman magazine, has an immediate opening in the sales department. The ideal candidate will have the following experience, skills, and qualities:

  • Experience in outside sales (media sales preferred, but not required)
  • Knowledge of digital advertising and/or other media
  • Outgoing personality
  • Highly motivated
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Deadline-oriented
  • Organized
  • Computer savvy
  • Ability to research and organize a sales presentation
  • Able to multitask
  • Eagerness and ability to learn
  • Desire for self-improvement
  • Able to handle rejection

In addition to all this, you need to fit in with our team. If you have a good sense of humor, love the outdoors, appreciate health & fitness, and can take and dish out good-natured ribbings, you’ll probably be okay. Did we mention ethics? They’re vitally important. And our number-one ethic is producing quality work.


What You’ll Be Selling

  • Advertising on and other Outside Media Group digital offerings
  • Print ads in Outside Bozeman magazine, the Blue Light Student Guide, Stalk: Hunting Southwest Montana, and Cast: Fishing Southwest Montana.
  • Various and sundry other advertising opportunities across multiple products and platforms

How to Apply

If all this sounds appealing, and you think you can help us do quality, meaningful work, do the following:

  • Submit a resume, references and cover letter to [email protected]
  • Tell us what attracts you to this position
  • Give details of your relevant experience in outside sales
  • Explain why you think we’ll be a good match
  • Tell us your favorite outdoor activity and why