Flying Saucers

A hole in one. 

You’ve seen them around: packs of 20-somethings hucking frisbees at inanimate objects, often with an inconspicuous Busch Light in the non-throwing hand. The game is disc golf—sometimes known as folf, frolf, frisbee golf, or even gorf. We have seven courses in the Bozeman area, so give them a shot. Here are our favorites.

Rose Park – 12 Holes
Our nearest and dearest course, Rose Park, is just behind Home Depot, west of 19th on Tschache Ln. This course is easy to navigate and beginner-friendly, plus wings and beer at Buffalo Wild Wings are within spitting distance. Course fee: free. 

Battle Ridge – 18 Holes
Continue past Bohart Ranch for about 3 miles; bend left at the Y and head uphill to Battle Ridge Campground. Fit patrons only; the elevation and hiking make this one a real bruiser. Course fee: free.

Big Sky Resort – 2 Courses; 9 Holes Each
Big Sky’s two courses are a unique and fun way to get some exercise in our breathtaking backyard. Course fee: free, but the chairlift is $16.

Bighorn Ridge – 18 Holes
Located on the northeast edge of Big Sky off Little Coyote Rd., this course offers spectacular scenery and stands deliciously close to the Lone Peak Brewery. Course fee: free.