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Backpackers, Fitness, Workout, Trail-Fit
Cohen, Anna M.
Backpacking exercises.
Montana Backpacking, Thermarest EvoLite
Tucker, David
Let’s get one thing straight: sleeping on the ground sucks. But it sucks by degrees. Read more >>
Bozeman Women's Activity Groups
Dehmer, Kurt
Bozeman-area hiking groups.
MSR Autoflow Gravity, Montana Backpacking
Tucker, David
For outdoor recreationists, water is essential—for cooking, for cleaning, and to keep ourselves and our furry friends from dehydrating. But water is also heavy and takes up space, especially on longer backpacks. Read more >>
Ericksson GTX, Vasque Boots, Bozeman hiking
Tucker, David
Every once in a while, a product comes around that I won’t shut up about. The Ericksson GTX from Vasque is such a product. These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what I do in them. I walk up mountains; I walk through mud; I walk around town. Read more >>
Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana
Pierre, Mike
Hiking the Tobacco Roots.
Ramshorn Peak, Gallatin Range
Tucker, David
Climbing high in Paradise Valley.
Electric Peak, Gallatin Range, Paradise Valley
Turiano, Thomas
Climbing Electric Peak.
Madison Range, Montana Adventure
Cohen, Anna
What lies just out of sight in the wild? Read more >>
Ousel Falls, Hiking, Waterfall
Stone, Robert
Hiking Ousel Falls.
England, Mike
When the peaks and alpine lakes call, pick up the Tibet GTX Hi from Lowa and head to the high country. Read more >>
Pine Creek, alpine lake, Montana
Slepian, Maggie
Three chest-thumping hikes to finish your summerPick one: Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Tired of hiking the same old circuit of trails around Bozeman? Check out the new edition of Robert Stone’s Day Hikes Around Bozeman (Day Hike Books, $16) for plenty of beautiful hikes you’ve never done before, all within a 90-mile radius from Bozeman. Read more >>
Review: Alpenfuel Summit Snack Box
Mike England
In this age of infinite information and unlimited choices, curation is paramount—and food is no exception. Read more >>
Review: Bridgedale Lightweight T2
Mike England
Spend enough time with different socks on your feet and eventually you’ll settle on one or two brands that fit better and last longer than the rest. Read more >>
the editors
Guidelines to mud-season hiking. 
Trail Maintenance, Volunteering, Bozeman, Montana
Dean Center
Taking time for trails. 
Gallatin Range, Custer Gallatin National Forest, Wilderness
Orville E. Bach, Jr.
A plea for the Gallatin Range. 
Review: Helinox Chair & Table
Mike England
Ever since Helinox redefined the lightweight, collapsible camp chair, I’ve kept two of them in my car-camping kit—they're compact and comfortable, and they set up quick Read more >>
Ramshorn Lake, Buffalo Horn Trail, Big Sky, Montana, Gallatin Range
Robert Stone
Hiking Buffalo Horn to Ramshorn Lake. 
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