Product Reviews

  • Skiing

     Black Diamond Traverse
    Mike England
    They had a good run, those old Life-Link backcountry poles I picked up from the Huffine shop back in 2001. Read more >>
    gear, ski goggles, Bozeman
    Chris McCarthy
    I’ve been extremely happy with my Native sunglasses, so I decided to try out their ski goggles. Read more >>
    BCA T3 Avalanche Rescue Package Review
    David Tucker
    Combo packages have pros and cons. Buying everything at once is convenient and mindless, plus manufacturers usually discount product slightly if you making a bigger purchase. But avalanche safety gear isn't necessarily where you want to skimp, and your process should be anything but mindless. Read more >>
    Smith I/O Goggle Women's
    Mio Alt
    ChromaPop, meet the I/O.
    KneeBindings Carbon Review
    Chris McCarthy
    We take preventative measures for our health every day: we brush our teeth to prevent cavities; we exercise for ­our hearts; we wear our seatbelts in case of a car wreck. Read more >>
  • Apparel

    Flylow Richie
    David Tucker
    Hoody season is my favorite season, and if you know what you’re doing, in Montana, hoody season can last all year. Read more >>
    Stio Skycrest
    Brian England
    The STIO Skycrest Snap Shirt is a puffy-jacket-style shi Read more >>
    Helly Hansen Lifa Review
    David Tucker
    Helly Hansen’s Lifa base-layer is a classic
    Dakine Beretta Jacket
    Mio Alt
    Charging burly lines demands burly apparel, and the Berreta line from Dakine offers just that. Read more >>
    Toad & Co., Boxcan Shirt
    Angie Mangels
    Boxcan Sherpa Overshirt
  • Footwear

    Review: Schnee's Montana II ADV
    David Tucker
    One boot that does it all. 
    Oboz Women's Bridger 9' Insulated
    Angie Mangels
    When you own an active dog, you don’t really have a choice about getting out; the dog must be walked no matter the weather. Read more >>
    socks, sock, fleece, Bozeman
    Chris McCarthy
    I spend a lot of time on trails, mostly running or hiking. Read more >>
    Review: Oboz Bridger 8" Insulated
    Chris McCarthy
    It’s rare to find a boot that works well in so many different environments, but that is exactly what you get with the Oboz Bridger 8” insulat Read more >>
    Sassa GTX Women's Mid Lowa, Sassa, Lowa, women's boot
    Brandy Burke
    For women with ankle instability, the Lowa Sassa GTX Mid trekking boot is what you need. Read more >>
  • Fishing

    PLANO Guide Series 3600 Tackle Bag
    David Howlett
    I needed a versatile and durable tackle-storage solution that could easily transition from the various boats, rafts, and kayaks I regularly fish from. Read more >>
    Mike England
    Line, leader, and tippet for chasing large trout. Read more >>
    chest pack, fishing chest rig, Outside Bozeman
    Mike England
    Once an essential apparatus, the fly-fishing vest no longer holds hegemony, thanks in large part to innovations like the FHF Gear Fishing Chest Rig. Read more >>
    Keeper Tape
    David Howlett
    Why didn't I think of this? That's what came to mind as I applied Keeper Tape to my fly rod. This simple but handy product applies a self-adhesive, transparent measuring tape onto your fly rod, and can measure fish up to 36 inches. Read more >>
    Montana Fishing Access—MountainWorks
    Chris McCarthy
    It’s not often that I don’t have my fishing gear with me, which can lead to me looking longingly at a nice little stream, wondering where I can legally access it. MountainWorks Software has eliminated that problem with the release of the Montana Fishing App. Read more >>
  • Packs

    Mike England
    A pack for all seasons. 
    Gregory Packs Salvo 24 Gear Review
    Tucker, David
    I used to think having a daypack was unnecessary. “I’ll just use my ski pack or my bike pack,” I’d say. Read more >>
    Patagonia SnowDrifter
    Doar, Melissa
    Finding the right pack for a tour into the Montana backcountry can be frustrating—until now. The Patagonia SnowDrifter20L makes a great sidekick for short excursions. This ultralight, water-repellent pack has a durable Cordura exterior. Read more >>
    Manfrotto's 3N1-35 PL Pro Light
    Krueger, Ryan
    Getting the shot often means having the right gear accessible at the right time—and relying on an average pack will only get you so far. Read more >>
    winter, Outside Bozeman, Montana
    Howlett, David
    In preparation for my first season on the Ridge, I needed a solid snowboard-specific pack that could also carry my backcountry gear. Research led me to the Ridge SB Pack from J.A. Gear. Read more >>
  • Hunting

    hunting gear
    Drew Hulse
    Like many outdoor enthusiasts whose hobbies outnumber their savings, I must choose my gear wisely—new skis are purchased only at the expense of a new bike, and so on. Read more >>
    gear, hunting, vest, Bozeman
    Mike England
    At first blush, blaze-orange hunting vests may seem like cotton swabs—the brand doesn’t matter, ’cause they’re all the same, right? Experienced hunters know better, and Orange Aglow clearly does, too. Read more >>
    MountainWorks Montana Hunting Access 2016, Montana Hunting
    McCarthy, Chris
    It’s happened to me a couple times: I do all the planning for a morning hunt on the dining room table and, when I head out, I leave my BMA maps behind. Now I’m stuck searching for a block management area to hunt and I'm unable to locate the sign-in box. Read more >>
    Mystery Ranch Marshall Review
    Hockett, Corey
    Mystery Ranch is at it again with their newest gift to the expedition hunter, the Marshall. Read more >>
    Mike England
    Hunting by personal watercraft.
  • Climbing

    Scarpa Techno X, Montana Rock Climbing
    McCarthy, Chris
    Now I know what Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters felt like trying to cram their feet into the undersized glass slipper. Straight out of the box, the Scarpa Techno X climbing shoe is so painfully tight that I thought I’d grabbed the wrong size. Read more >>
    ice climbing, boots, Outside Bozeman, Montana
    Pogge, Drew
    For climbing ice and mixed routes in southwest Montana, a boot’s fit and comfort are key. Our approaches can be long, and the weather is notoriously cold and fickle, and with the inherent wetness and inactivity of climbing and belaying, it’s a tough job for any piece of footwear. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    When you’re as bad at climbing as me, every single variable can make a difference. That’s why I’m glad I found the Bravo Quickdraw from Metolius. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Halfway up a 19,000-foot peak, watching one’s ropemates struggle for solid footing on near-vertical ice, a guy naturally starts wondering how good his gear really is. Read more >>
    Keyes, Fletcher
    The Mammut Superflash is the Sherman tank of climbing ropes. At 70m long, 10.5mm thick, and able to withstand up to 14 UIAA-rated falls, this thing is bombproof. Read more >>
  • Camping

    Kammok Wallaby Hammock
    Mike England
    For an impromptu spike camp on early-season elk hunts, you can’t beat the Wallaby Read more >>
    Jayco, camping, camping trailer
    Mike England
    The challenge for those who want to haul a camping trailer—apart from being teased about getting soft—is finding a m Read more >>
    BearVault, bear vault, bear spray, Outside Bozeman
    David Tucker
    Testing a bear canister proves challenging, as to fully appreciate the worth of your product, you have to encounter a bear Read more >>
    the editors
    Summer’s not complete without at least one good camping trip—and we’re not talking backpacks and freeze-dried food. We’re talking pack-the-Pathfinder, fill-up-four-coolers, drop-a-hundo-at-the-grocery-store kinda camping. Read more >>
    Therm-a-rest NeoAir All Season SV
    David Howlett
    After two seasons of heavy abuse and several patch jobs, it was time for a new air mattress. I opted for the four-season, rugged, go-anywhere NeoAir All Season SV from Therm-A-Rest. Read more >>
  • Biking

    mountain bike, biking, bike light, gear
    Mike England
    As darkness comes sooner to southwest Montana, but temps remain (relatively) warm, a bike light becomes an essential item—for everything from in-town commuting to post-work Read more >>
    RockyMounts, Outside Bozeman, bike rack, bike mount
    David Tucker
    In Bozeman, it’s an unfortunate reality that to ride mountain trails, you’re going to have to haul some bikes. Luckily, there’s the Splitrail from RockyMounts. Read more >>
    Feedback Sports Pro-Elite
    David Tucker
    Unless this was the winter you decided to fat-bike more, it’s probably been a few months since you took your steed for a gallop. Do yourself a favor: before returning to the trail, give ‘er a tune up. Read more >>
    RockyMounts TomaHawk Review
    Tucker, David
    If you’re like me and you drive a small car but love to ride, then you’ve probably been faced with the dilemma of what to do with your bike when it’s time to load the car. Read more >>
    Dakine slayer elbow pad
    Tucker, David
    Rocks are hard and bikes go fast, so in order to protect my boney knees and elbows, I got a set of Slayer Pads from Dakine. Now when I’m bombing down from Mystic Lake, I don’t have to worry as much about careering off the Wall of Death. Read more >>
  • Boating

    Mike England
    Every cold-water paddler, at some point, realizes the necessity of a drysuit—whether it's for safety in frigid snowmelt, security on remote river runs, or just consistent, all-day comfort. Read more >>
    SealLine Bulkhead
    David Howlett
    Pristine Ventures PR 49, packrafting, packrafting Montana
    Chris McCarthy
    The idea of packrafting a river deep in the wilderness is exciting. Doing so with a couple hundred pounds of fresh elk meat—now that’s an adventure. The PR-49 from Pristine Ventures makes this type of epic Montana outing possible. Read more >>
    Otterbox 3250
    Mike England
    OtterBox is back! That’s right, the original river-runner’s mini storage box, which kept cameras and other sensitive items safe and dry, has finally ended its hiatus. Read more >>
    Astral Brewer Review
    Kennedy, Kevin
    If you’re a recreational or professional waterman looking for a do-it-all shoe for the summer season, look no further than the Astral Brewer. Read more >>
  • Nutrition

    the editors
    Easily prepared food for the backcountry. Some folks love to make elaborate and decadent meals when they're out in the field. For the less ambitious among you, here are some easily prepared options for your next outing.   Read more >>
    Purps Hydro & Fuel
    Mike England
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—this maxim is why I’ve never drunk vitamin water. Pop a pill, down it with a glass of agua—is that so hard? It’s certainly cheaper, healthier, and less wasteful. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Energy products to supplement the season.
    camp food, Outside Bozeman, Montana
    England, Mike
    When it comes to camp food, convenience and healthiness tend to move in opposite directions—but not so with Good To-Go’s Dehydrated Meals. These slim packets contain loads of healthy ingredients, without all the chemical compounds you’ve come to expect from most packaged foods. Read more >>
    Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged
    Mike England
    On some days lethargy reigns, and we struggle to summon the requisite motivation for the hike, bike, run, or gym workout that we so desperately need—and that, ironically, will release us from the very torpor that’s holding us back. Read more >>
  • Dog Gear

    Ruffwear Overcoat Review
    Bob Allen
    In this crazy, mixed-up world, not all dogs are created equal. If mom and dad left the mutt a little short in the fur department, what better way to show some love to your best friend than a fitted overcoat for those frosty days? Read more >>
    Ruffwear Singletrak Pack
    McCarthy, Chris
    I’m in the mountains a lot, running a trail, bagging a peak, or shooting a grouse. Typically, my dog Seamus is with me, but rarely by my side. His off-trail adventures generally leave him thirsty and me short of water—but not anymore. Read more >>
    RuffWear Approach Pack
    Tucker, David
    Most dogs that love trails love accomplishing tasks. That’s why it’s nice having my lab Hank carry his own load in his Approach Pack from Ruffwear. He gets a sense of pride out of the responsibility. Read more >>
    Adventure Medical Dog First Aid
    Tucker, David
    Dogs need first-aid same as people, in fact moreso in many cases. Now that Adventure Medical Kits makes the Me & My Dog Series, you get what you need for people and pooches, all in one package. Read more >>
    ZUKE'S Power Bones
    Tucker, David
    We all need to pound calories if we’re going to be pounding trail, and our dogs are no different. During the hot Montana summer, they’ll be burning energy at a high rate, which is why I’m glad I have Zuke’s Power Bones to keep Hank going strong all day. Read more >>
  • Miscellaneous

    Power Practical Sparkr Review
    Mike England
    Despite the hegemony of modern headlamps, the handheld flashlight is still going strong, and its future seems bright as ever. Read more >>
    Motorola, two-way radio, walky-talky, walkie-talkie, Outside Bozeman
    Mike England
    Contrary to popular belief, your beloved smartphone is not a panacea—whip it out while deep in a side-canyon up Hyalite, for e Read more >>
    Jimmy Lewis
    I've searched far and wide for a secure iPhone mount for my dual-sport motorcycle, and have finally found what I’m looking for: the made-in-Bozeman Read more >>
    Lander Moab Case
    David Tucker
    Working at an outdoor magazine, I often mix work with pleasure. On an evening bike ride, for example, I'll bring my phone to snap some photos for Instagram or Facebook. To protect my phone in the field, I need a burly case, one that will thwart screen cracking after inevitable drops. Read more >>
    Spring Training, Group Run, Health & Fitness
    the editors
    The season's best health & fitness products. 
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