Chris McCarthy
Local gear & apparel that make great gifts for the men in your life. Read more >>
zipper failure, camping, Bozeman, tent zipper
Colleen Tretter
Tent-care tips. Outdoorspeople know there are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and zipper failure. None are any fun, and I’ll avoid the first two, but hopefully these tips will help you with the latter inevitability. Read more >>
bootfitting, boots, skiing
Maria Anderson
Bootfitter Dana Ham on ski boots, footbeds, and Montebelluna. Read more >>
MSU, gear, rental
the editors
An introduction to Bozeman's gear-rental scene. 
Mike England
The enduring appeal of tactical gear.“Most of our movement pursuits originated in basic survival skills, and fighting sits in the heart of it.” —Ido Portal, kinesiology coach, movement guru, and human monkey Read more >>
binos, knife, rope, gear, hunting, Bozeman
the editors
The must-haves of hunting.
Hunting, pack, hunting pack, Bozeman
Tim Hoffer
What to look for in a hunting pack. Read more >>
gun, guns, rifle, rifles, bozeman
Kurt Dehmer
With the variety of big-game animals we have in Montana, picking one all-purpose rifle is no mean feat. Before buying yourself a shootin’ tool, it’s best to ask yourself some basic questions: Read more >>
Smell 'em if you got 'em
Tammy Maas
The musty truth behind big-box hunting apparel.
Kent Orms
Ok, you’ve made the big investment and bought a boat. Then you had to buy paddles, maybe a sprayskirt or a frame, then a helmet and a PFD. Your wallet’s thin enough to shave with, but you still need outerwear. Something durable and comfortable, something inexpensive but bomber. Read more >>
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