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There’s a sweet spot in the fall, unfolding as subtly as a turning leaf. Seasonal crowds dwindle, but the days are still pleasant. Weather starts to change, but cool nights under a sleeping bag offer some of the best sleep of the year. Read more >>
canoe camping montana float river
Cordelia Pryor
Overnight canoe trips around Bozeman.
Lake Mary Ronan State Park
Chris McCarthy
Slowing down in the Flathead Valley.
adventure-mobile, camping, buggies
Joshua Bergan
Soon after we’d discovered that the rooftop “emergency exit” on our truck camper was actually a hatch to the party roof, the landscape stopped me in my tracks. Read more >>
camping, Gallatin Range, Hoodoos, superstition
Vicki Sielaff
Out in the wild woods, reality and myth come together.  Read more >>
Review: Nemo Spike
Mike England
Nothing beats chasing elk through the high country—and nothing’s worse than being caught in a nasty squall five miles from camp. Read more >>
Review: Zenbivy Bed 23
David Tucker
When I opened Zenbivy’s ultralight sleep system and saw instructions for a video tutorial, I was skeptical. Why do I need instructions to sleep? Read more >>
camping, road trip, biking
David Tucker
Adding style to a summer road-trip. 
Hatch Adventures, Montana Mountain Biking, Targhee Creek Trail
David Tucker
Sending off the biking season in style. 
Stio Pinion Pullover
Joyce Pollastro
You wake up in your tent on a damp and chilly summer morning, hesitating to unzip your sleeping bag. Read more >>
Primus PrimeTech 1.3L
Taylor Burlage
With an integrated burner, two 1.3L pots, a lockable pot-gripper, and a lid with an integrated colander, the Read more >>
Emily Harris
Spring camping in the Park. 
Jayco, camping, camping trailer
Mike England
The challenge for those who want to haul a camping trailer—apart from being teased about getting soft—is finding a m Read more >>
Saxifrage salad, foraging, Bozeman,
Thomas J. Elpel
Foraging with a purpose. 
Knight, Phil
Canoe camping made easy
patagonia wood burning stove
Mike England
There’s something extremely satisfying about cooking over a natural fire. But when backpacking, there’s generally something extremely inconvenient, too. Read more >>
hammock tent camping
Mike England
When sleeping solo, I’ve always preferred a hammock—except when it’s raining, in which case a tent is the superior option. Read more >>
kickback rocker camping chair
Mike England
Nothing beats kicking back at camp after a long day on the trail. Except this: kicking back in a rocking chair, the easy undulations lulling you into a euphoric stupor. Read more >>
dutch oven, cooking, campfire
Simon Peterson
Cast-iron cooking over the campfire.
adventure travel van fishing trip
Mike England
Caving in to creature comforts.
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