bikepacking, expedition, camping, biking, backcountry travel
Traute Parrie
Pedaling a lifelong dream.
alpine lake montana landscape
Maria Anderson
Five all-day adventures for the summer season.
Corey Hockett
Logging miles with a purpose.
fat tire, biking, snow, winter
David Tucker
Winter biking around the Bozone. 
Illustration by Angie Mangels
Lisa Baril
When John Kemp Starley introduced the modern form of the bicycle in 1885, women’s suffrage was well underway but not yet a national movement. Women still wore binding corsets and voluminous hoop skirts. Nary a breeze would graze their ankles on a sizzling summer day. But the bicycle changed all... Read more >>
GVLT trails conservation
Anthony Pavkovich
Thirty years in the making, Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains trail system is a recreation success story—and it’s just one part of GVLT’s mission to make the Gallatin Valley a better place, right now and for generations to come. Read more >>
dirt roamer biking shorts
Ian Roderer
When I first tried on Patagonia’s Dirt Roamer bike shorts, they Read more >>
mountain peak summit adventure
Dawn Brintnall
Suffering through summer.
David Tucker
Roll a fattie this winter.Maybe it’s the late start to winter, or maybe it’s just that we can’t ski every day of the week. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: we’re craving a two-tire outing. And as it happens, fatbiking is on our Winter Hit List. Read more >>
Mike England
Nothing motivates like a challenge—be it a grade-school dare, a first-ever marathon, or starting a new business. Read more >>
Bozeman Fat-Biking, SWMMBA, Custer-Gallatin National Forest
Mel Cronin
Fat-biking around Bozeman.
Mike England
With spring in full swing—and gas prices in high gear—there’s no better time to get on a bike. Whether you’re a lifelong biker or a velocipedic neophyte, the Gallatin County Fairgrounds is the place to be this April, for the Gallatin Valley Bike Club’s annual Bozeman Bike Swap. Read more >>
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