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Yellowstone River, Lower Yellowstone, fly fishing, fishing Montana,
A fishing guide's dilemma. It’s a fairly typical fall day on the Yellowstone River. We’d managed a few whitefish, a few trout. I’d told my one and only joke and it had gotten mixed reviews. We saw a bald eagle. We saw some mule deer. I got a text from a girl I’d been chasing all summer and now I was trying to respond surreptitiously while rowing...
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Exposing camophiles. Hunting is one of the most basic and elemental activities that we engage in as humans, so why is it that we’re continually trying to complicate things? Take, for example, hunting clothing—specifically camouflage and “scent-free” or “scent-proof” clothing. Less than a century ago, such products would have been scoffed at and...
Gregory Packs Salvo 24 Gear Review
I used to think having a daypack was unnecessary. “I’ll just use my ski pack or my bike pack,” I’d say. Now that I have the Salvo 24 from Gregory, I’ll be changing my tune, and it’ll be replacing all the other packs in my gear room. It’s big enough for extended day-hikes, organized enough for mountain-bike rides, and stable enough for heavy loads...



Oct 16th, Oct 23rd, Oct 30th
Location: Paws & People, 1025 Story Mill Rd. Time: 8am Cost: $5 Details: New hunting dog? Or maybe a feature trail-running partner? Bring 'em to Paws & People for weekly socialization. Details here.    
Oct 23rd
Location: Emerson Theater, Bozeman Time: 6-9pm Cost: $10 Details: The Montana Wilderness Association hosts a screening of the documentary film The Last Refuge, about the Badger-Two Medicine. Details here.  
Oct 17th, Oct 24th, Oct 31st
Location: Lindley Park, Bozeman Time: 12pm Cost: FREE Details: Join Rockford Cycling's coach Wyatt for weekly skills sessions throughout the season. Details here.  


Reviewing the latest from Confluence Films. With a title like Providence, it's immediately clear that the most recent release from Confluence Films (set to premier on October 15) is about far more than inspiring you to fish. Yet, the achievement of the film is that it does just that, all while showcasing the logistics of shooting an exotic...
An outing with the Yellowstone Association. The thunder-train raced along on its track of lightning, throwing hail-like bits of white coal from its furnace. Aspen quivered. Chipmunks took cover. The stellar jay chattered and huddled in the branches of the old Doug fir while water washed in beads off its back. All 14 members of our Yellowstone...
Debriefing the Ridge Run. It’s been over a month since I completed my third Bridger Ridge Run. As you can probably surmise from my not-so-quick final blog, I didn't reach my goal. I could roll out with a bunch of excuses, but, after a thorough self-evaluation, I know the reason why I failed. Here’s a quick rundown of my mistakes: Putting it all...

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