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Catch-and-release hunting takes off. No guns. No bows. No spears, knives, or clubs. This is hunting at its most primeval, pitting man against beast without the aid of technology. No weapons are allowed—it’s hand versus hoof, head versus horn.It is both the oldest and newest form of hunting, using modern combat techniques popularized by the UFC,...
FAS, fishing
The importance of Fishing Access Sites.  Montana’s fishing access is the envy of the nation and the pride of area anglers. Nowhere else in the country is so much prize water just a short drive away, and for free no less. Elsewhere across the West, anglers crowd the few public-access points, making solitude nonexistent and success hard to come by....
Review: Vasque Breeze LT GTX
Lightweight comfort for all-day outings. When it comes to hiking boots, I've long been brand loyal. I got my first serious hikers over 15 years ago and they're still my go-to boot. Those were Vasques, and since that inaugural pair, I've stuck by the brand. They've given me no reason to jump ship with their latest lightweight offering, the Breeze...


Aug 23rd
Location: Kenyon Noble Hardware Cost: Free Details: Cheer on the competitors as they go head to head, thigh to thigh, rib to rib, to make the best BBQ in the state of Montana. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Gallatin County YMCA. More details here.  
Aug 23rd, Aug 30th
Location: 605 N. Wallace #2, BozemanCost: FREEDetails: Grab a free pint and talk shop at Alter Cycles with other mountain-bike community members. Details here.   
Aug 24th
Location: Gallatin County Regional Park, Bozeman Cost: Details here. Details: Race up to 100 miles across the beautiful Gallatin Valley, starting and finishing in Bozeman. Details here. 


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