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Painted Rocks State Park
Lakeside paradise in the southern Bitterroots. With its deep canyons, sweeping granite walls, and towering ponderosa pines, the Bitterroot Valley offers a remarkable change of scenery from our Bozeman back yard. If you’re planning a trip west across the Continental Divide, head down to Painted Rocks State Park for a remote experience in Montana’s...
dog training trail hiking
Introducing your puppy to the trail. If you think about it, hiking with your dog can subject her to the same maneuvers as an agility course—jumping and weaving between obstacles, maybe even balancing on a log bridge. Agility competition with my border collie taught me the importance of slow and steady training to avoid injury. That goes double for...
Turning bad news into a good cause.My heart skipped a beat when I heard the news: Run to the Pub was canceled. It was the first Bozeman-area race to fall at the hands of COVID-19, and murmers began to flow through the running community. Would other race organizers follow suit? How much notice will we have if our races get canceled? Will we get a...


Aug 08th, Aug 12th, Aug 15th, Aug 19th, Aug 22nd
Location: Drinking Horse TrailCost: FREEDetails: Every summer Sacajawea Audubon volunteers rally to attack burdock and eradicate it from many of our favorite trails and parks. Join them! Details here. 
Aug 08th
Location: Pony, Mt Cost: $15 for non-members Details: The Covfefe Classic is a 16 mile uphill time trail bike race, which starts on smooth gravel roads and finishes on a steep mining road at the top of Horse Pass (elevation 9,400 feet). This course can be ridden with either a gravel bike or a mountain bike, but be prepared for steep slopes and...
Aug 08th, Aug 15th, Aug 22nd, Aug 29th, Sep 05th, Sep 12th
Location: Gallatin County FairgroundsCost: FREEDetails: Peruse booths of local vendors of homemade food, handmade crafts and locally grown produce, enjoy delicious treats, and bring home fresh goodies every weekend. More details here. 


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