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Whether it's post-supper chores or heeding the call of nature at 3am, frigid high-alpine air can take all the fun out of a Forest Service cabin. One way to keep the cold at bay is with a Selk'bag Lite 6G, basically a mobile, weather-resistant sleeping bag that keeps you warm and cozy despite the wintry weather. After you come in from skiing or...
Shrinking our waistline, one ski at a time. 94—ROMPIt wasn't long ago that a 94-underfoot ski was considered fat. These days, you'd get called out for skiing twigs if you showed up with a pair—trust me, I speak from experience. But the joke's on your hecklers; most days at the ski area, a 94mm ski is more than enough. A perfect case in point is...
Bigger gear for bigger fish. When you’re out on the ice in search of larger predatory fish such as lake trout, northern pike, salmon, steelhead, or even larger walleye, it’s a good idea to step up your gear. These larger fish wreak havoc due to their heavier weight and punishing fights. Here are some items I recommend:A great affordable heavier-...


Feb 17th
Location: Rendezvous Ski Trails, West Yellowstone Cost: $20 Details: Skiing or snowshoeing through a beautiful winterscape is reward enough. Throw in food-and-drink stations throughout a 5k course, and you have a recipe for an all-time outing. Details here. 
Feb 19th, Feb 26th
Location: The River's Edge, Four Corners Cost: FREE Details: The River's Edge's Four Corners location has classroom space galore, so this winter, get the rundown from their experienced instructors. Details here. CALL AHEAD FOR SCHEDULING DETAILS: (406) 284-2401.  
Feb 19th
Location: 32 Town Center Ave., Big Sky Cost: FREE Details: Join the Big Sky Community Organization for a night out on the trails around town. Details here. 


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