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Guidelines for mud-season hiking. We’ve all been there: you leave the house, hoping to hike some nice dry trail. It’s been sunny for days and town has dried out, but you haven’t yet journeyed into the hills. Thrilled to get back into the woods, you plan an all-day outing an hour or so from home. But just a mile up the trail, your boots are clogged...
American Prairie Reserve, PN Ranch, Bike Touring
At home on the American Prairie Reserve. A side-wind blasts through the open window and a thick aroma floods my nostrils. I bring the car to a screeching halt. Sage, juniper, and prairie wildflowers mixed with the blunt stench of livestock. It’s pungent and intoxicating.Leaving the car in a pull-out, I walk to the canyon’s edge as golden-hour...
Years ago, I spent many a night under an army-issue poncho, and I’ve been searching ever since for a civilian model that replicated it in terms in terms of size and weight, but with a few improvements for making a bigger, better “hooch.” I think I may have finally found it in the Kuhli Pro from Kammock, a lightweight, waterproof weather shelter...


Apr 22nd
Location: Yellowstone Pioneer Lodge, Livingston Cost: FREE Details: Join officials from the Custer Gallatin National Forest as they present and answer questions pertaining to the Forest Plan Revision. Details here. 
Apr 22nd, Apr 29th
Location: Bangtail Bikes, Bozeman Cost: FREE Details: Join the crew at Bangtail Bikes for this weekly road ride in the Gallatin Valley. Call (406) 587-4905 to confirm schedule. 
Apr 23rd, Apr 30th
Location: Locations vary; details here. Cost: $30 Details: Join the Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club for this spring road-racing series. In the spirit of European-style racing, there will be some dirt and gravel mixed in. Details here. 


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