Beacon Park Comes to Bozeman

If you're buried in an avalanche, you have a 93% chance of being recovered if you're found in 15 minutes or less. That is, if you survive the ride. So when was the last time you actually practiced with your transceiver? More important, does your partner practice?

Now you have no more excuses. The Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center has teamed up with the City of Bozeman Parks & Rec department to purchase and install an avalanche-beacon training facility at Beall Park. The beacon park will feature single and multiple burial problems to help you improve your skills. Located at 514 N. Bozeman, the beacon park will have regular training opportunities and open practice hours. Contact the Bozeman Parks and Rec department for more information at 582-2910.

Briger Bowl will also feature a beacon training park this year, with up to six searchable transmitters in the same field, all controlled by a master box. At the bottom of South bowl, accessible by Pierre’s Knob lift, the ski team has roped off about an acre for skiers to practice searching and probing skills. Give Bridger a call at 587-2111 to find out more.