For Sale: Platform/Storage Rack

Wooden platform rack, designed for the Yakima OverHaul HD cargo system. Strong, sturdy, several coats of paint, cargo hooks along sides, and a drain hole with hose. Works great as a shelter and also for hauling items on top.

Easy on-off; just 8 wingnuts, hand-tight. It is heavy, though, and awkward; I put it on and off myself, but it was a bear. Best to have two people. Can be modified quickly by drilling new holes for the U-bolts.

I used this baby for hunting, camping, and also carrying canoes and paddleboards. Ended up getting a topper for more warm, comfortable camping with the lady. Was great for bachelor-camping with the dog, though. In inclement weather, I bungeed a big tarp around the rack to keep the wind and rain out.

$250 OBO.  Let me know if you want to come take a closer look. Mike, 5809847 or mengland21@gmail.