Good sleep begets good fun.

Sunlight streamed through the camper window as I rubbed my eyes and looked out. Fresh snow! It covered the half-dozen other vehicles in the parking lot, all of which were beginning to stir. I yawned, lazily rolled over—and then froze. Oh no, not again. Verifying my suspicion, I slowly continued the rotation, which ended in a violent shudder as searing pain shot through my lower back. While other skiers prepped their gear, I pounded ibuprofen and eased back under the covers. Goodbye, road-trip powder day; hello, long drive home and subsequent PT appointment.

Whether it’s physical pain or extreme exhaustion, many an action-packed day outdoors has ended before it began—the next morning, no analgesic can alleviate one’s aching back, no amount of coffee can correct the sleep deficit. Empty beer cans and impromptu hooky-bobbing aside, the main cause of this spoiled slumber is a crappy mattress. And what most folks fail to realize is that it’s entirely avoidable. You can, in fact, have a good night’s sleep anywhere, anytime, followed by a fantastic day on the trails, the slopes, or the water. What it takes is a quality mattress, which is not only affordable, but can be custom-made for just about any motorhome, camp trailer, or other car-camping outfit.

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Even more ubiquitous around Bozeman than Sprinter vans, the classic pickup camper is basically a tent on wheels. Whether it’s a high-rise topper or a streamlined cap above truck drawers, a custom mattress can provide a better interior fit, eliminate prep time, and vastly improve sleep quality. Thickness is paramount here; you want to get the best possible mattress without taking up too much space. A foam mattress is relatively thin, can be cut to fit, and is a fraction of the cost of a regular bed. Foam blocks can be added for additional comfort.

Vans & Small Campers
These vehicles are all about efficiency, maximizing comfort and convenience in a small-to-mid-sized space. Mattresses must conform to specific interior configurations, optimizing organization and efficiency while not interfering with doors, drawers, and windows. Whether that’s a slide-away bed, an oblong shape, or a notched corner, a custom mattress saves space. Which means more room for outdoor gear and equipment—and, after a good night’s sleep, more energy to use it. A low-profile mattress is a good choice here, so as not to compromise headroom—or require a rope and belayer to clamber up over your storage compartments.

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Comfort is king in a travel trailer or motorhome, so why skimp on the most important comfort item of all? Stock mattresses lack the quality of your bed at home, and this is your home on wheels, for the entire weekend—or the entire season, if you’re retired or able to work remotely. An investment in good sleep will reap huge dividends, not just for daily excursions but for long hours at the wheel. A well-rested driver is an alert and safe driver, one who enjoys time on the open road. Moreover, a custom mattress matches one’s desired support level—soft, firm, somewhere in between—and fits the space perfectly, meaning no sliding around or or slipping off into gaps. Finally, say goodbye to unbearably hot summer nights: a custom mattress specifically made for RVs and campers is built with materials that take temperature-control and breathability into account. Get the right mattress and you may just sleep better than you do at home.

After that long-awaited and quickly-scuttled ski trip, I upgraded my sleep kit to a quality custom mattress—and it made all the difference. I now awake refreshed and ready for the day. That is, unless the beer-induced hooky-bobbing went awry. Even then, some coffee, a couple Motrin, and I’m ready for first chair.

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