Book: Southern Montana Singletrack

Montana mountain bikers have long craved an updated guide to area rides. With Southern Montana Singletrack (Beartooth Publishing, $30) by Will Robertson, they’ve gotten an update and a whole lot more. True to Robertson’s form, the guide is illustrated with detailed maps and excellent user-generated photos; but most impressively, the guide features dozens of rides even seasoned cyclists won’t have ridden or even heard of. The Bozeman classics are all there with updated details, but the beauty of the guide is its propensity for inspiring. It’ll have you planning several weekend road-trips across our great state, from the Big Hole Valley to Billings. Unlike most guidebooks, Robertson used a spiral binding so you can flip to the ride you’re on and have easy access to info without damaging the spine. Like all Beartooth Publishing maps, the cover and pages are 100% weatherproof, adding to the guide’s trail-readiness.