Book: Big Game Hunter's Guide to Montana

by Ron Spomer - Belgrade, MT
Wilderness Adventures Press, 1999 - 518 pages

The results for the 2004 Montana big game hunting season special permit drawings came in over the summer. Therefore, you’re either ready to enjoy the thrill of the hunt, or you took the family to dinner with your refund check. Either way, this autumn promises to be one of the better hunting seasons the state has seen in recent years, and could possibly be made better with a little research.

This is where Ron Spomer’s book Big Game Hunter’s Guide to Montana comes in handy. This book is by far one of the most comprehensive, thorough, and user-friendly hunting references specifically written for Montana. Big Game Hunter’s Guide to Montana covers every species of big game in the state, and includes in-depth information on habitat, behavior, biology, and trophy scoring for each species. Spomer also covers hunting tactics and tracking, and recommends cartridges for each animal. The book also includes detailed game population distribution maps as well as land usage and public land maps.

Big Game Hunter’s Guide to Montana includes critical information for each Montana big game region, which covers guides & outfitters for each region and the species they guide for. The hub cities and services sections could prove critical for the always-likely hunting trip misadventure. After a thorough review, I’ll go right ahead and say that Big Game Hunters Guide to Montana may be just as important as a sharp knife for this year and upcoming hunting seasons. So, if there’s enough money left over after drinks and tip, pick up a copy of this book. For more information on this and other fine outdoor guidebooks, contact Wilderness Adventures Press at 800-925-3399 or check them out on the web at