Book: Beyond Fair Chase

Jim Posewitz’s hunting-ethics guide, Beyond Fair Chase: The Ethic and Tradition of Hunting (Falcon Publishing, 1994), is as essential to beginning hunters as a gun-safety course. Though largely aimed at youth hunters, it’s full of great reminders for veterans as well. 

It addresses important topics like how we attained (and keep) the privilege to hunt, past, present, and future wildlife conservation, respecting prey, obeying laws, landowner relations, public-land hunting, the importance of practice and preparation, and firearms safety.

The author is a respected retired Montana FWP wildlife biologist who has written several other books and went on to found Orion: The Hunters Institute, which works to improve the image of hunters and promote conservation. 

Beyond Fair Chase is a quick and easy read (118 pages, 4 x 6 inches with illustrations), and much of it could also apply to angling. 

Read and re-read the vital messages of this book.