Hang Up and Drive

We’ve noticed a bumper crop of bumper stickers out there lately. Here are some of our favorites:

“Did You Move Here to Be in a Hurry?”
“Fire Burns”
“Raft Naked—It Adds Color to Your Cheeks”
“My Child Is an Honor Student at the State Correctional Facility”
“Kayaking is Not a Crime (Yellowstone Liberation Army)”
“Save an Elk—Shoot a Land Developer”
“Frodo Failed, Bush Has the Ring”

And here are some we think might sell well:

“Can't Afford to Buy Local”
“When You Step on the Brakes, Your Life is in Your Foot’s Hands”
“My SUV Burns More Gas Than Yours”
“Hummer: Like Nothing Else (Well, Except All the Other Hummers)”
“I Brake for Big Box Stores”
“My Other Car Is a Subaru Too”