Review: Trail Butter

A clever alternative to the best trail food ever.

If peanut butter had been around in the fur-trapping days, it might've ranked up there with guns, hides, and booze as one the most sought-after trade goods. It's the perfect outdoor foodstuff: it doesn't need refrigeration, doesn't spoil, and tastes great. Which is why I never set out into the backcountry without a PB&J in my pack.

But what if you're allergic to peanuts? What if you dislike all the sugar in Jif and Skippy, but can't stomach the two-inch oil slick in those all-natural options? Or maybe it's just time for some variety, to put a new spin on an old classic?

Enter Trail Butter, a whole-food, high-protein nut butter that comes in a variety of flavors and blends. I tried the Spiced Chai, which had a zesty tang and a pleasant crunch from all the cashews and almonds. I haven't yet found a jam that pairs well with it; but no matter, as I'm just as content to spread it solo across some white bread, or scoop it out of the jar with a spoon. I won't say goodbye to peanut butter altogether, but Trail Butter makes a nice option when I'm feeling a little more refined, or when I've scarfed down Jif seven outings in a row.

Trail Butter comes in jars for the pantry and pouches for the trail; the latter are especially popular with trail runners, for the high calories and quick energy.