Review: Sunnyland Farms Mixed Nuts

Given their high caloric content, long shelf life, and durability in crammed pockets and packs, nuts & dried fruit may be the ultimate outdoor-recreation foodstuff. Problem is, the most palatable varieties—overly salted peanuts and sugar-spiked trail mix—aren't the healthiest of options. Not so with the mixed nuts from Sunnyland Farms, which are healthy, nutritious, and delicious. We ordered a hefty assortment for the office and our daily outdoor forays; the entire lot was gone in less than a week. Yep, Sunnyland nuts & fruits are that good. Here's what the O/B staff had to say about them.

These are way better than your average store-bought bag of mixed nuts. They're hardy, and clearly distinct from other drupes and legumes... they're some of the biggest cashews and tastiest almonds I've ever had. And the mild salty seasoning was a great touch, too. —Adam

I've been eating nuts more frequently the past couple of years to fuel my outdoor adventures, and for their health benefits. I have found many store-bought nuts to have a stale, overly dry taste, and others to simply be far too salty. In contrast, the mixed nuts from Sunnyland Farms all taste incredibly fresh and the balance of saltiness is just right. —Ian

I’m picky about my nuts. Not just the quality, but the type as well. I like big, crunchy, salty ones like cashews and pecans; and I don’t care much for bland, chewy ones like walnuts. Thankfully, Sunnyland Farms's nuts come packaged by type—which not only preserves freshness, but also lets me choose my favorite combos to mix. The slightly tart raisins added a nice touch to my nut blend. Overall, I’d say Sunnyland Farms has one of the best sack o’ nuts I’ve ever tasted. —Jack

I can’t think when I’m hungry. Fact is, I can’t do much of anything when I’m hungry. When the pangs hit mid-afternoon, usually I grab a couple handfuls of stale trail mix left over from my last adventure. Sunnyland Farms nuts are a major upgrade. They taste fresh, and have a nice initial crunch that I never knew existed. It feels like I’ve rediscovered nuts. Unfortunately, our office supply dwindled quickly. Now I’m back to gritting my teeth and chomping down on the somehow simultaneously mushy and rock-hard walnuts that I dig out from the depths of my hiking pack. Ugh. —Eli

There's no shortage of options when it comes to snacks. However, there is a shortage when it comes to options that are good for you, and good for the planet. Thanks to Sunnyland Farms, not only is my mid-day snack delicious, but I also know it comes from a hard-working family business who gives back to the environment. —Jamie

With most of my meals being on the go, trail mix is a staple in my diet. I generally seek out relatively tasteless nuts & berries in the bulk bins, and have always viewed them as a necessary evil of convenience. Sunnyland Farms changed that—I now realize there's a huge swing in quality. I'm converted. —Morgan

Every day for years, I've eaten a handful of mixed nuts or peanuts every afternoon. These are the best nuts I've ever had. —Andra