Review: Range Meal Bar

Sometimes, having too many options can be exhausting. Other times, it has the opposite effect. After chasing elk through the mountains for four hours, I sat down and ate a Range Meal Bar, one of the latest additions to a seemingly endless procession of protein-bar choices. Its double-size heft and abundant calorie count—a whopping 700—filled my grumbling belly and restored my weary limbs. Nineteen grams of protein meant the boost would last awhile. And despite the cold weather, the bar remained soft and chewable—not to mention tasty, with a delightful combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee. After the last bite, I went right back to it and clambered around steep, deadfall-laden slopes for another four hours. One caveat: the sugar-conscious should beware, as the Range Bar has 42 grams of it. $7;