Review: Purps Hydro & Fuel

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—this maxim is why I’ve never drunk vitamin water. Pop a pill, down it with a glass of agua—is that so hard? It’s certainly cheaper, healthier, and less wasteful. Then along came a sample box from Purps, whose Hydro thirst-quencher contains fruit and vegetable juice, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy elements, all with minimal sugar—only 7.5 grams for the entire 20-ounce bottle (which I re-use as a water container for hiking and float trips). After a long day outside, when you need to replace electrolytes, an ice-cold Hydro slides down like nectar. I’ve also gotten hooked on Fuel, Purp’s answer to the personal-energy crisis besieging our once-awake nation. Like the Hydro, Fuel is all organic and non-GMO, relatively light on sugar (15 grams per can, compared to Red Bull’s 37), and loaded with vitamins and minerals. I really enjoy the light, fruity flavor; none of that oversweet syrup that’s all too common in other brands. Important note: while delicious when cold, Purps’ tastiness declines rapidly with rising temperature, so keep these suckers in the fridge or on ice. $35 for a Hydro 12-pack, $45 for Fuel;