Review: Pro Bar Superfood Slam

There’s no shortage of energy bars on the market today—my local grocery store, for example, devotes an area bigger than my closet to them—but most have only subtle differences in flavor, shape, etc. Like energy drinks, you simply pick the one that tastes the best to you; all else is pretty much equal. Not so with the Superfood Slam by ProBar, which packs its bar full of genuine meal-replacing ingredients. I ate one at 1:30 pm, after having an early breakfast, and my stomach didn’t twinge again for three hours. Blended, not baked; almost wholly organic; no preservatives; made in the USA (Park City, Utah no less); and 100% Vegan means this carb-rich bar will satisfy hippies and hardcores alike. Though the Superfood Slam is tasty enough, six additional flavors are sure to please just about any palate. $3.29;