Review: Montucky Cold Snacks

After a hard day in the mountains, there’s little better than sitting down to an ice-cold beer. And while a fancy, dark microbrew might hit the spot, sometimes you need something a little lighter and more refreshing—and that’s where Montucky Cold Snacks comes in. Billed as “the official unofficial beer of Montana,” this premium light lager provides a perfectly smooth finish to any outdoor activity. Not only does every can deliver 16 ounces of alcoholic enjoyment, but also 8% of Montucky’s yearly profits are divided among local causes and non-profits like Haven, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, and Eagle Mount, as well as used to sponsor numerous events across the state. If you’re in the mood for light beer, buying the one that gives back makes perfect sense. Available in bars and grocery stores around southwest Montana. $6 for a six-pack;

Photo by Ryan Krueger