Review: LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix

With epic races like the Biggie and the Rut, Big Sky is quite the haven for mountain competitions. The adventures off the clock are pretty much unlimited, too. LMNT seems to have caught on, so they’re moving their headquarters up to Town Center. They hooked up the O/B crew with some samples, and here’s what we thought:

The sleeves are super convenient to throw in a pack or pocket on all-day outings, when I’m going to be sweating out a bunch of salt. The citrus flavor tastes good and quenches my thirst with a slight tang. LMNT seems to have a higher concentration of salts than other electrolyte mixes—over 1000mg per package—probably because of the lack of sugar. It doesn’t take much to ensure I’m fully salted and avoiding cramps. —Jack

Electrolyte mixes are great to give you the extra push during a long athletic outing. What’s not great is the nasty, back of the throat, phlegm coating you get from the sugars. Not to mention the crash. LMNT mixes have fixed this. They give me all the energy I want, without the stuff I don’t. —Peter

With essential electrolytes and no sugar or artificial additives, LMNT fuels my adventures without the crash. I like the small, backpack friendly packets. They’re a must-have that keeps me hydrated and energized on the trail, no matter the conditions. —Daniel

I’m not typically a fan of drink mixes. They’re all sugary, they all taste the same, and they’re all expensive—right? But not LMNT. These salty, savory, single-serving packets break the electrolyte mold. I started using them while training for a mountain-bike race this summer, and on race day itself, I found myself reaching for LMNT packets in lieu of coolers full of Scratch Labs. Now that's saying something. —Eli

You better believe we’re gonna keep a few sleeves –err... a few up our sleeves—when we’re on the trail from here on out. More salt, less sugar. Zero grams, in fact. Bottom line is: this is what the body wants, and LMNT isn’t beating around the bush. They’ve got us hooked (the Citrus Salt flavor is our overwhelming favorite). Give it a try and find out for yourself.