Review: Honey Stinger Waffles

At O/B, we love our Honey Stinger, so when they sent us a sample pack of their new Cookies & Cream Waffle snack, we dug in. Here's the word 'round the office afterward:


A gluten-free waffle? That seems wrong... but this is a waffle snack, not a real waffle, and it actually tastes pretty darn good. Just wish it were bigger; I need two or three to fill me up. —Mike (gluttonous & gluten-inclusive)

I thought the waffle was really tasty. It wasnt too sweet and it did well smushed in a backpack. I needed a quick snack while hiking and it filled me up. —Teddy (waffle—er, wafer-thin & easily satiated)

I like how it doesnt taste really artificial like a lot of other energy snacks.  —Adam (taciturn & to the point)

Chocolate isn’t typically my go-to flavor, but the cookies & cream waffle pleasantly surprised me. It’s great for quick energy on hikes, though don’t expect to feel full after eating just one. —Becca (given to atypical affinities & irregular reticence)

The waffle gave me a nice boost of energy before my afternoon bike ride, without making me feel bloated. It’s important to get some calories on board prior to a workout, and with so many other flavors to choose from, I’ll definitely reach for Honey Stinger waffles when I need that pick-me-up. —Jack (subject to sudden swelling of abdomen, knee, and ego) 

Even without the energy-boosting benefits, this is a great-tasting snack. The flavor is delicious and might be the best Honey Stinger flavor I've tried, which is saying something because they’re all very good. Being so compact, it is easy to tote along almost anywhere. Two thumbs up from me! —Ian (perpetually hungry & perennially positive)

$18 for a box of 12;