Review: Honey Stinger Energy Chews

My motivation was starting to drain after pedaling away in the hot sun on one of those never-ending uphill slogs. I stopped to take a break in the shade and remembered that I had thrown some Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews into my bike pack that morning. I ripped into a package, enjoying the fruity tartness of the chews, feeling like a kid again with a packet of fun fruit snacks. Hopping back onto the bike, I could immediately feel an extra kick in energy levels thanks to fuel from tapioca syrup and honey, and that kept me going all the way to the top. These chews deliver a boost just like energy gels but without the mess, so now I always make sure to have some in my pack. The new Pink Lemonade and Caffeinated Lime-Ade are a nice addition to the other variety of flavors available. Available at Girls Outdoors and the Co-op. $2 a pack;