Review: Hammer Nutrition Fully Charged

On some days lethargy reigns, and we struggle to summon the requisite motivation for the hike, bike, run, or gym workout that we so desperately need—and that, ironically, will release us from the very torpor that’s holding us back. When tea or coffee won’t cut it, give your waning willpower a boost with Fully Charged Pre-Exercise Ignitor. Made by Hammer Nutrition in Whitefish, this all-natural energy-enhancer will get your apathetic ass off the couch and out the door, ready for action. Just mix a scoop of cherry-flavored powder with a glass of water and feel your youthful exuberance return. Fully Charged also helps with endurance and mental alertness, keeping you going that extra mile. Just be careful and use it sparingly, lest you get hooked on the stuff and become unable to exercise without it. Available at Bozeman Running Co., Owenhouse Cycling, and Round House. $35;