Review: Good To-Go

Long gone are the days of substandard backcountry cuisine. And good riddance, we say—we're not primadonnas, but why eat gruel if you don't have to? Loads of options exist, and one of our favorites is Good To-Go, which makes dehydrated meals that are lightweight, delicious, and easy to prepare—just pour in hot water, wait about 10 minutes, and enjoy. We tried the Chicken Pho and Cuban Rice Bowl; both were scrumptious and filling after a long day carousing in the high country. In the morning, we added cold water to the Granola pouch and voila, a quick and tasty breakfast to boot. Throw in Good To-Go's commitment to healthy ingredients, and you can feel that much better as you recline in camp, with no dirty dishes to do.

Good To Go meals cost around $8 each for a single serving; double servings (for healthier appetites) go for $15. Granola and other breakfast items run $6.50.