Review: GOMACRO Macrobar

On any long hike, run, or ride, when space is tight and the squished-food factor is high, the standard solution is to pack a protein bar—which often translates into a tasteless, rock-hard lump of who-knows-what sitting in your gullet the rest of the day, until finally dissolved by a few après-outdoor pints at the Bozone. Not so with the Macrobar, a nutritious blend of all-organic ingredients that satiates hunger and pleases the palate, without any of the usual ills of compressed foodstuffs. On a recent hike, I scarfed down a 290-calorie “Protein Pleasure” (peanut butter and chocolate chip) at noon; my body rebounded and my belly didn’t grumble till suppertime. Eleven other flavors exist, fruity to nutty; each one packs over 220 calories in a soft, tasty bar. And for all you sensitive folks out there, the Macrobar is utterly inoffensive: vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, et al. $2.89;