Review: APEX Protein Snacks

Hunting season is here, which means long days in the field, working up a hearty appetite. To keep my gut from growling while chasing game, I've been gnawing on APEX Protein Snacks. They come in two forms: meat sticks and South African–style jerky. The latter has a wide a range of flavors—mesquite BBQ, teriyaki, hickory, zesty garlic, even spicy peri peri for the gourmands out there—while the former gives you a choice of animal: boar, bison, elk, venison. I prefer the jalapeno-and-cheese boar stick, but I'll happily devour any other flavor I find in my pack. Even better, these meat snacks are clean, free of superfluous ingredients and completely devoid of sugar, keeping me alert, energetic, and light on my feet while stalking the autumn woods. Available online at