Review: The Pee Boss

My son was cat-sitting for a friend, resulting in a big mess of urine and feces on his apartment carpet. Lucky for him, I'd just got my hands on a bottle of the Pee Boss from Lively Paws, because my wife's dog, Poppy, has a bad habit of peeing inside when snow accumulates outside. Yes, she’s a small dog and when the snow gets up to her belly, she really doesn’t seem to enjoy it.

After my son cleaned up the mess, he used the Pee Boss on the entire area. Within a week the odor and stain were gone, saving him a fair amount on his deposit.

But it’s not just for pee, it takes care of all pet messes, including skunk odor. It also works on multiple types of surfaces, such as fabric, carpet, and wood floors. The only drawback is that it takes several days to work (up to seven), and you may need to reapply it a second time. But if that keeps me from having to buy a new throw rug or replace carpet in a room, I’m all for it.

Available online; $30 for a 32-ounce bottle.