Review: Hydro Flask & Kleen Kanteen

Our two favorite flasks. 

The water-bottle fad of the last few years has reached epic – and absurd – proportions, with people packing hydration containers everywhere they go, as if they expect to be suddenly whisked away and deposited in the middle of the Sahara Desert. All this dehydrophobia has its advantages, though; namely, the improvement of water-bottle design. And no design is superior to the aptly named Hydro Flask, with its bomber stainless-steel construction, grippy lid, and impressive insulation abilities. Numerous sizes are available, but we prefer the 18-ouncer, which takes up less room in the pack. Just a few ice cubes will keep your water cool for hours – a handy feature if you wait until you're actually thirsty, at which point a few gulps of ice-cold agua are downright euphoric. $30.

On the other side of the thermal spectrum are the equally ubiquitous coffee containers, which aren't absurd at all – coffee is freakin' nectar and the more, the better. Of all the caffeine-holders out there, none keeps that life-giving liquid warm like Kleen Kanteen. Start in the morning and sip warm java well into the afternoon. Absent-minded? No worries – your forgotten flask will provide piping-hot stimulation hours later, when you return home and find it sitting on the kitchen counter. We like the 16-ouncer, which is just enough jolt to get through the morning, without having to rush for fear that your joe will go cold. We got ours at Girls Outdoors downtown, but other shops around Bozeman carry them too. $30.