Review: Bear Paw Pendant

If you’re an active outdoor guy in Bozeman and want to capitalize on that with the ladies, you gotta look the part: rugged, down to earth, but with a clear sense of style. Which is where Tarma Designs comes in. Their Bear Paw Pendant is simple yet stylish, with a no-nonsense nylon cord, mini carabiner clasp, and a sand-blasted, recycled-stainless-steel pendant. Women will know intuitively that the bear-paw imprint symbolizes power and direction, but be sure to mention how it also represents “connection to creator” for Native Americans—nothing’s sexier than a little new-age spirituality these days. Still having trouble getting excited about a necklace? Consider this: you’ll get way more compliments on it than on your skis, mountain bike, fly rod, and climbing rack combined. $25;