Review: Yaktrax Diamond Grip

YakTrax are all the rage in Bozeman, and they’re fine for mild hardpack; but if you want to take your traction up a notch, pick up a pair of Diamond Grip Ice Trekkers. These lightweight yet sturdy mini-crampons will grab the slickest of ice and rock-hard snow, keeping your feet secure and your mind at ease. I tried them out on the slicker-than-snot M and Drinking Horse trails, climbing with confidence and sprinting downhill without fear. The rubber sling slips over your shoe or boot easily, and hundreds of biting edges keep you glued to the ground. A wide finger-loop means you can put them on with gloved fingers. I’ve had trouble with other brands’ attachment points coming loose during application and removal, but the Diamond Grips stayed together for over a dozen hard hikes. My new winter essential for hikes and runs on well-trodden trails. $40;