Review: The Dog Outdoors WalkingDog Plus

Sometimes, you need to get your dog exercised quickly and across town safely by bike. The WalkyDog Plus bike leash is an ingenious yet simple product that gives you hands-free control while riding. Once you’ve secured the adjustable clamp to your seatpost, and the springs inside the leash-bar are set to the height of your dog, you have your dog perfectly spaced from the bike and ready to go wherever you want to take her without any interference. The leash features a patented internal spring system that acts like suspension when your dog pulls, meaning less tugs for you and your dog. And when you need to transition to walking, the bar quickly detaches from the clamp. This leash is best used with medium- to large-sized dogs and should be paired with a padded harness like the Front Range from Ruffwear. $60;