Review: Smith Lowdown Steel

It’s difficult to find sunglasses that are both stylish and functional. Full wrap-around shades provide great protection, but look pretty goofy for much other than a day on the river. “Lifestyle” type glasses, on the other hand, are so skimpy that the sun seeps in from the side, resulting in internal glare. What if there was an in-between option? That’s what you have with Lowdown Steel from Smith. These practical shades feature metal temples, which increase durability and provide a flashy look when the sun hits them from the right angle. Additionally, full metal hinges are durable and easy to access should you ever need to replace the screws. In terms of the lenses, Smith uses their polarized ChromaPop glass, which is both scratch resistant and incredibly clear. And with four lens colors available for the Lowdown, there is something for all conditions—and all occasions. Overall, these shades are great for everything from mountain biking to hanging out on the river. They can do it all, in style. $205;