Review: Six Moon Designs Rain Walker SUL Umbrella

A backcountry umbrella? Who's ever heard of such a thing? Well, you you have. The Six Moon Designs Rain Walker SUL Umbrella is a surprisingly versatile piece of kit for your next outing.

Ringing in at only 5.5 oz, the Rain Walker won't weigh you down. Of course it can be used for rain protection, but it can also be used to prevent sunburn, provide shade to cool off, and even as a pole for your shelter.

A popular technique has emerged of affixing umbrellas to a backpack for rain or sun protection. This protection goes farther than a sun-hoody or rain jacket because it protects not only yourself, but also your backpack from the elements. And you can rock short sleeves while still enjoying sun protection. It'll keep maps and electronics dry when you pull them out of your pocket, and not to mention, it looks pretty stylish.

Available at; $60.