Review: Salomon RS8 skate-ski package

When it comes to productive, full-body winter workouts, nothing compares to skate skiing. Whether it’s lunchtime laps at Highland Glen or a three-hour jaunt around Crosscut, the result is maximum effort exerted, maximum calories burned. After four years of kicking-and-gliding in the classic track, I was ready—or so I thought—to switch to skating. Yes, it kicked my butt—but having the right gear made it fun, too. And the speed! Don’t get me wrong, I won’t give up classic altogether; but once you go full-blast, it’s hard to go back.

The Salomon RS8 skate skis with Prolink Pro bindings are fast, versatile skis designed for the intermediate skier (or capable beginner) who wants a nice balance between stability and speed. Light and responsive, this package facilitates smoother edge-transfer, and is great for young racers, strong cross-over practitioners, and recreational skaters of all ages. $360.

Salomon’s RS8 skate boots offer efficient energy transfer in a warm, comfortable boot. Beginners and intermediates alike will find plenty of stability and no dearth of edge grip. In a nutshell: you won’t outgrow these boots anytime soon. (If, like me, you also classic ski and want to minimize gear, go for the Pro Combi SC, which can be configured for either style.) $260.

Light and strong, the Salomon R60 Click poles have an ergonomic grip and a 60% carbon shaft for high power transfer and low fatigue. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a cool click-in feature on the handle, which means no more fighting with the wrist straps—a convenience that every Nordic skier, regardless of discipline, can appreciate. $120.

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