Review: Ruffwear Omnijore

Sick of trying in vain to tire out your hyperactive pup? Does she consider your five-mile hike a mere warm-up? Then click into your cross-country skis, slip on a Ruff Wear Omnijore, and give your pooch a workout while taking a fun ride across the snow. The system is simple and easy-to-use; I managed to set the whole thing up in a couple minutes without looking at the directions. The dog harness is secure and comfortable, and the human hip-belt has small pockets for valuables, a water (or beer) holder, and a quick-release towline for safety. (The system also works great for skateboarding and biking in warmer seasons.) It may take some training to get the dog comfortable and make him understand the process, but once he gets it, prepare for a unique and fun new way to spend time outdoors with your canine pal. Available at Dee-O-Gee and Timber Trails. $150;