Review: Nocs Pro Binoculars

Bigger isn't always better, but since I discovered the excellent and affordable Nocs Provisions Standard Issue compact binocular, I've wanted a larger pair from the same company. I must not have been the only admirer, because Nocs just released a Pro Issue version, in 8x42 and 10x42. I tried the latter and found it to be, just like its baby brother, about the best damn bino you can get for the price. Larger, with better magnification, the Pro Issue is still compact and portable, for easy stashing in a backpack or on the dashboard. The textured surface offers a secure grip, while the focus, eyecup, and diopter dials move smoothly. Crystal-clear, fog-proof glass; fantastic light-gathering; sharp, vivid colors—you get all this and more with the Pro Issue, at a fraction of the price of its competitors. And it's completely waterproof to boot. I love my Swarovskis and always will, but I'll never be able to afford another pair. Nocs, however... I might just buy a set for my hunting partner, so he'll stop asking to look through mine. Available online; $295.