Review: New Year's Gear

The new year is here, and what better way to celebrate than by padding out your gear closet? Or your partner's, or your mom's or dad's—who says you can't give gifts after Christmas, anyway? Heck, we encourage it. Here are four of our winter favorites, with practical uses ranging from starting your car in the morning to bootpacking the Ridge in a snowstorm.

Look for these items around town. Local businesses are a keystone of healthy, well-functioning communities, so let's show ours some support. Happy New Year, gearheads.

VOORMI Drift Jacket                                                           Glade Photochromic Goggles     

VOORMI Drift Jacket                                                               Glade Adapt Goggle
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Backcountry Gore-Tex Snow Glove                                                       OR Merino Work Gloves                      

Backcountry Gore-Tex Snow Glove                                 OR Merino Work Gloves
Full Review                                                                                                                                              Full Review